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سید عبدالمجید زواری

Manager : Majid Zavari

An institute of studies aimed at realizing the ideals of Iranian scholars in Perspective 1404, founded by Seyyed Abdul Majid Zawari – learned International Relations graduate – was formally established in 2006 and began as a new generation of think tanks. The goal of the center was designed to be the most effective at community level by focusing on cyberspace and the use of new technologies at the lowest cost. Fortunately, the Institute has been met with enthusiasm and interest from international elites in the field of international relations and strategic issues, and during its fourteen years of jihadist work, the Institute of International Relations has succeeded in positioning itself as a resource for transnational and low-margin professionals. International and analysts stabilize.
At present, a network of thirty thousand students, experts and stakeholders in various fields of international relations, strategic studies, futures studies, social studies, and economic studies have joined the faculty of International Relations, which makes this a good platform to exploit. It has provided the elite capabilities of society. Red More

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عضویت در خبرنامه ویژه همراهان اندیشکده

با عضویت در خبرنامه اندیشکده از آخرین جشنواره های سایت باخبر شوید!