May 22, 2019

No proof Syria used chemical weapons

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LHVnews, There is no proof that Syrian government has used chemical weapons, Haaretz daily of the Zionist regime reports, citing Western officials.

Following the Syrian opposition’s claims that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons, “Haaretz” daily called the claims baseless, citing Western officials. Over the last two weeks, opposition forces have claimed that Bashar al-Assad’s government has used chemical weapons against them dozens of times. There is as yet no proof to verify the claims, Western intelligence services say.

Dismissing the opposition’s claims by the Western resources takes place while the terrorist groups have released videos of the injured people in hospitals over the past weeks, claiming they were victims of chemical attacks carried out by the Syrian government. The U.S. and its Western and Arab allies have voiced concern about the security of Syrian arsenals, saying that Syria hosts one of the biggest arsenals for chemical weapons. According to the resources, the region will face hazardous threats in case terrorists have access to the weapons.

Syria and Russia have repeatedly dismissed any concern, assuring that weapons are held in safe places.

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